About Me

Susan Fick began in the Real Estate industry in 1974, working with a mortgage broker.  This gave her the strong financial background needed in this complex real estate age. She then obtained her real estate license, and  has been helping first-time buyers to get started moving up towards their dream home.  She is now helping the next generation to do the same. She also works well with investors, whether on their first rental property or through the tax deferred exchange process.  She was also involved with property management for 15 years. Susan is especially glad to welcome her husband Steaphen Fick as one of her assistants. His expertise brings her into the 21st century by adding technology to better serve you.

Susan and Steaphen have enjoyed extensive traveling in northern Europe, participating in Renaissance Faires in the U.S., and swordfighting among other hobbies. When Steaphen is not working as Susan's assistant, he teaches swordfighting and self defense at his European martial arts school.

Whether you want the comfort of the extra time and attention that is spent on helping the first time buyer attain their dreams or the security of knowing that your interests are being represented by an experienced, knowledgeable and caring agent.  Throughout your entire real estate lifetime, you can feel confident that Susan and Steaphen Fick are on your side.

If you would like any additional information or help finding your home, please contact us at  (408) 857-0119.

Best regards,

Susan Fick